Manufactured Homes – FAQs

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Q: I have matters before the Manufactured Homes Commission prior to January 21, 2018. Who do I contact now?

A.: The Department of Commerce will assume jurisdiction of manufactured homes in Ohio on January 21, 2018. Prior to that date, you should continue to conduct business with the Manufactured Homes Commission.

Q: Is the Department planning to overhaul the manufactured homes program when it assumes these responsibilities on Jan. 21, 2018?

A: No. You can expect a seamless transition. We won't make major changes on Jan. 21 – we will keep what works, and take a closer look at what might not be working.

Q: Who will be responsible for the regulation of parks, including park licensing and inspections?

A: The Division of Industrial Compliance (DIC), along with the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB), will be responsible for the regulation of parks. OCILB is housed at DIC.

Q: Who will be responsible for the regulation of manufactured home installers and inspectors?

A: DIC, along with OCILB and the Board of Building Standards (BBS), will be responsible for the regulation of manufactured home installers and inspectors. BBS is housed at DIC.

Q:Who will be responsible for the regulation and licensing of manufactured home brokers/dealers and salespersons?

A: The Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing (REPL) will be responsible for the regulation and licensing of brokers/dealers and salespersons.

Q: How will I know who to contact once Commerce assumes responsibility for the manufactured homes program?

A: The Department is working to assign specific Commerce staff members to this work, including identifying contacts for stakeholders to reach out to when they have a question or need assistance. These contacts will be experts in this area. Once this is determined, the names and contact information will be shared with all stakeholders in several ways, including in emails, and posted on the Commerce website.

Q: I have an idea, or a concern. Who can I share that with?

A: Feedback from stakeholders is critical to a smooth transition, and the success of the program ongoing. The Department is committed to ongoing two-way communication. You are encouraged to submit questions or feedback via email to or by calling 614-466-3902. The Department also will plan other opportunities to gather information, such as stakeholder meetings. Watch the website and your email for more information.

Q: How can I participate or give feedback about the Department’s new rules or new procedures?

A: The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) process contains specific steps that all Agencies must follow when drafting or updating rules. These steps include soliciting input from stakeholders at no less than four points in the process. The Department is committed to ensuring all stakeholders are aware of these opportunities, and will communicate them through email and on the Department’s website.

Q: Where can I get more information about this transition?

A: Comprehensive information about the transition is posted on the Commerce website: In addition, you can sign up for the Department’s mailing list by emailing or signing up here.

Q: Is the Department planning to change the manufactured homes installation standards?

A: When the Department assumes jurisdiction over manufactured homes on Jan. 21, 2018, it will be governed by the same administrative rules that currently govern the Manufactured Homes Commission. This means the Department will initially inherit the same installation standards used by the Commission. The Department will be required to file new rules by July 21, 2018. These rules may include minor changes to the installation standards, depending on feedback received from stakeholders during the transition.

Q: Will there be any change to the license renewal cycle for manufactured home brokers/dealers and salespersons?

A: No. The renewal cycle will remain the same. Brokers/dealers' licenses will next expire on March 31, 2019. Salespersons' licenses will next expire on June 30, 2019.

Q: The Manufactured Homes Commission was working on a fully online license renewal system. Will Commerce be able to offer online license renewal?

A: Yes. Online renewals are scheduled to become operational in May 2018. The move of the program in no way affects the original timeline for that system conversion.

Q: Will my broker/dealer or salesperson license number change?

A: While the prefix to your license may change, your license number will remain the same.

Q: Will local boards of health still have the ability to continue doing inspections?

A: Yes. When Commerce takes over manufactured homes regulation, local boards of health will continue to conduct inspections. Changes may be made to the program as Commerce works to improve services. If changes are made, Commerce will ensure there is adequate communication to the boards.